With many years of industrial experience we can propose you solutions that will grant you tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

We involve our industrial experience en newest today’s engineering techniques to provide the best energy advice also to our individual clients.

Our services for industrial partners:

  • Waste to Energy and sewage sludge utilization,
  • Alternative fuels en their preparation for (co-)firing in existing boilers,
  • European legislation en regulations on waste incineration en energy generation,
  • Innovative and low-emission combustion technologies,
  • Life extension of industrial heat exchangers,
  • Industrial thermography,
  • Co-generation (CHP) en district heating network optimizations
  • Steam production en steam turbines,
  • Industrial cooling water systems en cooling water treatment (bio-fouling prevention),
  • Thermodynamics and combustion processes,
  • Fluid dynamics and hydrodynamics (CFD modelling),
  • Small scale pollution abatement and control to meet the emission requirements (mid- low-scale combustion facilities),

Our services for individual clients:

  • Checking of the technical and thermal condition of your building,
  • Checking of the heating or cooling concept/equipment,
  • Thermographic inspection of the buildings (identification of heat losses and insulation issues),
  • Assessment of energy consumption and costs associated with heating, cooling, hot utility water preparation and running the household
    proposing low-cost energy measures leading to substantial savings,
  • Assessment of options to apply renewable sources in the client’s system,
  • Engineering and selection of the optimal heating/cooling system on the basis of the performed analysis,
  • Advice include possibilities to make use of EU and national subsidy mechanisms.